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MAX Rehab & Sport is pursuing the vision of providing the full fitness continuum of care from rehabilitation to gym, road, or field.


We are inspired by the weekend warriors who go all out Saturday and Sunday for the sports tourney or athletic competition, the active grandparent who wants to fulfill the greatest vocation in life of keeping up with their grandchildren, the fit mom who wants to have her family and get back to her true self. 


We believe for all the wanna keep going people of the Brazosport Area, that...


Lauren Maples
Lauren ski max
marathon group run
mom spinning child on the beach
Danner Tape
elbow plank
mom exercise with kid
one arm push up
grandpa giving horsey rides
mom doing yoga with child
mom doing glute bridge with baby
quadruped alternate arm and leg
girl playing volleyball
runner tying shoes
kinesio tape on runner
baseball player
trail running
Grand Teton National Park - Delta La
hiking boots
Hiker in Zion National Park
Water hike
Wheeler Peak
Wheeler Summit
Living Life with Adventure
Volleyball serve
Zion National Park
Motivational Words
Angel's Landing Trail
Group of runners
Bryce Canyon, UT
Angel's Landing
Delta Lake, break time!
Max 5 hike shoes
I'm a title
Hiking in Bryce Canyon
Max Family


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